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The Faux Finish School
is proud to welcome:
Deb Drager

"Artistic Explorations with Paint, Plaster and Pattern"
"Modello Designs and Beyond..."

August 22nd - 24th 2005 Few Openings!

November 9th - 11th 2005 Just Posted!


This 3-day comprehensive Modello design stenciling class will allow you to expand and compliment your portfolio of finishes to include exquisite hand painted pattern and detailing, via the art of Modello designs with stenciling.

Nationally-renowned decorative artist, Deb Drager, of
Artimatrix, will instruct you in a wide variety of both traditional and innovative stenciling techniques that will explore the full range of potential inherent in this NEW stenciling medium.

All of the stenciled samples created in class will incorporate finishes and textural mediums from an extensive repertoire of products. This allows for an unlimited exploration of custom and creative stenciling class possibilities. Creative and cutting edge techniques and applications to incorporate decorative stencilingpattern into elegant surface finishes are the details of this stenciling workshop.

Students will leave this class with the knowledge and skills to replicate everything from "quick" translucent stencil effects and easy "trompe" tricks, to highly detailed and defined stenciling illusions. Join Deb Drager for a three-day workshop that will enhance your portfolio and excite both you and your clients. This fast-paced class will utilize both stencils and Modello decorative masking patterns to maximize your design potential.

Samples include: Lusterstone Grapes, Provence Olives, Tooled Leather, Oriental Brocade with Batik Border, Eastern Inlaid Copper, Tortoise Modello Inlay, Pietre Dure, Modello Monogram Inlay and more!!

Deb has been published in numerous publications with her educational or how-to articles. Her goal is to inspire creativity and share her passion for stirring up COLOR! As an award-winning graphic designer, artist, professional illustrator, and a decorative finisher and instructor, Deb realizes her vision every day by providing complete artistic and creative services to businesses and individuals.

Martin Alan Hirsch continues his quest to contract with the best instructors to guest teach at The Faux Finish School. He is excited to have Deb Drager join the list of such talents. Deb Drager and Martin Alan Hirsch have collaborated on several graphic projects and have been business associates for over a decade. He is thrilled to have Deb pick The Faux Finish School for this awesome workshop! Modello designs combined with unique stenciling are becoming more integral in the design and decorative painting fields. The only prerequisite is that you are a current, practicing faux finisher in the field. Lunches will be catered during the three day workshop. Do not miss the opportunity to study with one of the nation's finest instructors...Deb Drager.

Deborah Drager, Director of ART-i-MATRIX, is a seasoned faux finisher, instructor, and graphic designer, who has been certified with the Faux Effects® materials for over a decade. With a BFA in Fine Art, in 1980 Deb launched her career as a freelance fashion and product illustrator in Springfield, Missouri, FL, and soon added specialty painting to her business. From decorative finishes to custom murals, Deb has coordinated numerous projects with developers, builders, architects, designers, and homeowners in residential and commercial settings. Deb has managed teams of professional finishers, and choreographed dozens of finishing packages for interior designers and homeowners. This expansion was the opportunity to provide training to other artists, which began her teaching career in the decorative arts field. She taught Fashion Illustration at her alma-mater, Southwest Missouri State University, and has also taught drawing and watercolor techniques. Deb lives in Wichita, Kansas. Her and her partner, Gene Engelbert run Drager Design Studio, and are managing partners of ART-I-MATRIX.

"With a passion for paint...a desire for beauty... and a yearning to share...
I bring creative people together to learn and share, at the same time stirring up their creativity. Being associated with some of the world's most accomplished, talented and entrepreneurial minds in the industry for over a decade, has enabled me to learn so much about, not only producing professional finishes, but about the creative spirit within us all.I have been blessed to become personal friends with Martin Alan Hirsch and other professionals in this field...we share ideas, network about trends, and tools. Each and every one has inspired me to become a better artist, and a more giving and focused instructor. I share all that I have with every class, and am continually pushing myself to keep on growing and creating new looks for trend-setting ideas."

Deb Drager
Deb Drager

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Artistic Explorations with Paint, Plaster and Pattern"

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