Faux Effects RS Series Advanced Faux Painting Class Workshop - Reactive Series The Faux Finish School's Faux Effects workshop. Faux Effects by The Faux Finish School offers advanced Faux Effects - Raymond Sandor training in faux finishing with their Rs Series Finishes workshop.
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Faux Effects Designer Wall Finishes
RS Series....The Next Level

The Ultimate Portfolio Enhancer™!

Our Upcoming Faux Effects® Rs Series Classes and Workshops:
-Just Posted! June 7th - 11th , 2010

If you are a discriminating and detailed faux painting artisan ready to advance your faux finishing business to the next level, Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School can provide you with the creme de la creme of the industry's decorative finishing materials,
The Faux Effects ®RS Series systems. These unique systems and patent pending techniques are taught only in a few select programs in the entire world!

The unique techniques and layered systems taught by Martin Alan Hirsch and Krista Vind at The Faux Finish School using Faux Effects ® RS Series products will put you in far advance of your competition.
At The Faux Finish School, you will learn proven "to the wall" Rs finishes.


Martin Alan Hirsch and Krista Vind , assisted by job site preparation man Vincent Douglas, will ensure that you receive a thorough understanding of the unique interaction between Faux Effects ® creative materials as well as develop the necessary skills to create your own unique finishes. Martin and Krista were both personally taught these systems by Raymond Sandor - CEO - Faux Effects International. Both Martin and Krista have been working with the Rs Series in the field for the past several years and now have an incredible portfolio of Rs Finishes! At Decorative Finishes Studio's Faux Finish School you will create an unbelievable 20 -25 hands-on Rs Series samples!

This program is designed with the professional in mind.
You must be a practicing decorative artist, have a client base and be a full-time finisher in the field in order to join us for this faux painting workshop.

Below are just some of the samples completed in this workshop.

Rs Marbling

Rs Glazing with metallic relief

"Malcom" scallop finish

Rs Marble

Rs Fossil Shell

Rs Red Granito

Embedded Copper in RS Plaster

Rs Gold Granite


Rs Stone course grind

Stucco Lustro

"Funkhouser" tie-dye Wall finish

Old World Cork

Nio's Strie'

"Marilyn Monroe" Wall

The Faux Finish School is raising the standard of excellence with the inception of "The Rs Series..The Next Level" utilizing the New Rs™ Series of products and application methods, these revolutionary materials and procedures have a Patent Pending status and provide the artist with phenomenal workability and creative control.

The remarkable characteristics of the RS™ Series of products render them one-of-a-kind. Their performance and quality will surpass all faux and decorative finishing products you have used in the past. Created by Raymond Sandor, President and CEO of Faux Effects International, Inc., as well as a leading artist, inventor and innovator in the field of faux and decorative finishing, these products are the culmination of 35 years experience in the industry. Decorative Artists Martin Alan Hirsch and Krista Vind will teach you this incredible, revolutionary system unlike any products in the industry!

Discover the Rs™ Series in Designer Walls III™. Elevate the quality of your artwork far above that of the competition by attending this workshop. The professional training and product knowledge we provide will hone your skills and open up a whole new world of possibilities. Learn to create “Beautiful Furniture-Quality Wall Finishes” such as our Wall and Tabletop Rs Designer Stone™, Embedded copper in Rs Plaster, Rs Marble™, Rs Sabbina, Rs Sandstone Flake™, Rs Fossilized Stone™, open-pattern Rs Metallic finishes™, RsTravertine’O™, (a sophisticated line & groove dimensional material,) Rs Broken-Pattern™ and Polished Plasters, Rs WaterWax™, and many more

Martin's famous interpretation of the wall behind Marilyn Monroe's photo shoot with Milton Greene..
A sample of this finish is included in this workshop!

These New Rs Materials are wonderful!!! Learning to work with the new reactive RsGlaze™ is worth the Class alone, but the class offers so much more to help keep you, the Professional Finisher, at top of your game!

Under the guidance of Martin and Krista, utilizing small classes and personalized one-to-one instructions, you will emerge ready to put your knowledge and techniques to work creating stimulating new designer finishes for your clients and creating a greater degree of personal accomplishment for yourself as a faux Artisan.

We look forward to you joining us for this fantastic Faux Effects® workshop!

Decorative Finishes Studio reserves the right to change the curriculum as new finishes are introduced and older finishes are less specified by designers.
We feel this will give the student a more unique portfolio than any of their competition!

For 21 years, The Faux Finish School's ultimate goals have been to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success....
We are quite proud of their achievements....
We are consistently rewarded with feedback of thanks as well as beautiful pictures of our students' creations....
The Faux Finish School and its staff are thrilled to have played a part in their accomplishments.

Several graduates of our programs have even become instructors in their own studios!

Your instructors are not just teachers....they are working finishers....
This is vital to your education because you will not just learn sample boards,
you will learn real world scenarios and finishes that truly sell....,
from instructors whom have vast experience "on the wall"....

Come home to the programs that established the original comprehensive faux finishing curriculums....Workshops at The Faux Finish School.

The "RS Series...The Next Level..
The Ultimate Portfolio Enhancer™

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the studio: 800.598.FAUX
Or e-mail us directly: More workshop information

Decorative Finishes Studio reserves the right to cancel a class within 30 days of the commencement date.
Decorative Finishes Studio reserves the right to alter the class curriculum at anytime and reserves the right to refuse
any potential student at anytime due to inexperience as a finisher in this high-end professional workshop.
Any promotion or contests awarded for a particular class is forfeited if the class is cancelled.


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