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is proud to welcome:
Rik Lazenby


"Exquisite Venetian Plaster & Beyond"
Stucolux..The next level...

"A Faux Finish School EXCLUSIVE 3 Day Workshop!"

2014 Dates to be Announced!


Venetian plasters are an important component in any great decorative artistís portfolio of finishes. One of the most versatile and exquisite Venetian plasters is Faux Effects® StucoLux. This mineral-based plaster can be used on walls, ceilings, columns, cabinetry, furniture and as a fine art medium. Imagine a material that glides across virtually any substrate with dramatic high gloss effects! StucoLux, a light weight, buttery smooth, fast-drying, high sheen, mineral-based plaster.
StucoLux is a "thing of beauty" when used properly and can be combined with other Faux Effects® products when you want to create that unique, one-of-a-kind project. All of the Stucolux Venetian plaster samples created in class will incorporate finishes, glazes and textural mediums from an extensive repertoire of products by Faux Effects®.

Students will work with Faux Effects Stucolux tinting bases and pre-mix colors. We will also incorporate metallic and interference particle systems to create some of the most spectacular Stucolux Venetian plaster finishes one has ever seen! We will also keep the curriculum open for experimentation, allowing for an unlimited exploration of custom and creative Stucolux Venetian plaster possibilities. Students will leave this class with the knowledge and skills to replicate everything from "quick" highly polished effects to highly detailed, multi-layered Stucolux Venetian plaster finishes. Students will complete 12 different, multi-layered Venetian plaster samples in this workshop.
Students will complete at least twelve samples that can be added to their portfolios and are sure to be revenue producers. Bottom line... This workshop will take you professionally to a higher level and separate you from your competitors.

Previous experience in faux finishing and decorative painting is required to take this workshop. We hope to see you there!

In this workshop students will learn:

  • Proper site preparation
  • Trowel usage and maintenance
  • Application techniques
  • Burnishing
  • Waxing
  • Layering techniques
  • Using varied products to produce unique looks
    This workshop is designed for those looking for fresh inspiration and experience using both new and classic products from the extensive Faux Effects® Gold Label and Silver Label product lines.
    In this 3 day workshop, you will create 12 Stucolux finishes that will certainly take your portfolio to the next level

    Martin Alan Hirsch continues his quest to contract with the best instructors to guest teach at The Faux Finish School. He is excited to have Rik Lazenby join the list of such talents. Martin is thrilled to bring Rik Lazenby to The Faux Finish School for this "exclusive" workshop! Venetian plasters are an important component in any great decorative artistís portfolio of finishes. Venetian plaster is one of the most requested finishes in todayís market and a very lucrative addition to your portfolio. The only prerequisite is that you are a current, practicing painter and/or finisher in the field. Lunches will be catered during the three day workshop. Do not miss the opportunity to study with one of the nation's finest instructors...Rik Lazenby.

    In this 3 day workshop, you will create 12 Stucolux finishes that will certainly take your portfolio to the next level

    Below is a sampling of the finishes in this workshop:





    Rik Lazenby is the president and principal artist of Lazenbyís Decorative Arts Studio located in Hoover, Alabama. Rik began his decorative arts business in 2000 after serving 32 years as an art teacher, elementary and high school principal and Director of Student Services for the Jefferson County School System. Rik has a strong art background with both a Bachelor and Masterís Degree from the University of Alabama - majoring in art education. However, to excel in his business he has to continually sharpen his skills by studying with nationally recognized teachers in the decorative arts industry. Rik is always striving to upgrade his skill level and stays abreast of the many new and exciting products being developed in the decorative arts field.

    Rik began his decorative arts training at The Faux Finish School with nationally recognized decorative artist Martin Alan Hirsch. Over a period of three years, he completed the advanced classes and received certification in the Faux Effectsí product line.

    He brings these skills and products back to his studio where they are perfected and shared with his clients. He is both an artist and a craftsman and his goal is to take his clientsí visions and bring them to life with his special touch. He loves to create new and exciting finishes for his clients and is not afraid to step outside of the box when utilizing the Faux Effects product line. He feels that using quality materials such as Faux Effects leads to achieving extraordinary results. Over the years Rik has developed a reputation for integrity and excellence and thatís something he values as highly as his own artistic ability.

    Rik is a member of IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League) and is a moderator for the largest decorative painting forum: Muralsplus.com. He has been featured in Birmingham Magazine, Birmingham Home and Gardens Magazine and the American Painting Contractor. In addition, Rikís projects have been published in "Designer Faux Finishing" Ideas and Inspiration for Sophisticated Surfaces by Victor DeMasi and "Simply Creative Faux Finishes" with Gary Lord. Rik has won numerous Parade of Homes Awards and has received second place Honorable Mentions in the American Painting Contractors' National "Top Job Awards" for 2009 and 2010.

    In July 2011, Rik was asked to be the Director of "Artists on the Bluff" and has now moved his studio to this location. He is overseeing the transition of the old Bluff Park Elementary School from a public elementary school to a community of artists with individual studios, teaching studios, galleries and a coffee shop. In addition to his decorative projects, Rik is again pursuing his love of fine arts. He is a trained painter using oils and acrylics but he has now added plasters and textures as a means of expression. In addition, Rik is back in the classroom teaching painting and the decorative arts. He may be retired from one phase of his life but life is good in his latest phase. Rik and his works will be featured in the Spring issue of "Faux Effects World".

    Hi Everyone,
    Iím Rik Lazenby and Iím based in Sweet Home Alabama! Iíve had the pleasure of meeting many of you at the IDAL conventions, on the MuralsPlus Forum or on Facebook. So far Iíve managed to escape Twitter but Martin will probably have me "Tweeting" by class time. Dee and I have been married for forty-six years and have three daughters and nineteen grandchildren. Iím an "old hippy" art teacher who has transitioned from teacher to school principal to school system administrator to decorative/fine artist. I opened Lazenbyís Decorative Arts Studio in 2000 and have never looked back. Five years ago my daughter, Jennifer, stopped driving a UPS truck and came to work with her dad. She has truly been a blessing and has picked up 'most' but not all of my techniques. Some things I just have to keep close to my chest.

    Over the last eleven years we have been blessed to have been published numerous times in local magazines and have had projects featured in books written by Gary Lord and Victor DeMasi. In addition, we have been awarded second place Honorable Mentions in the 2009 and 2010 American Painting Contractor Magazineís "Top Job Awards." Along with these awards came some wonderful articles in the magazine. I am excited to be featured in the Spring issue of "Faux Effects World".

    In conclusion, I look forward to meeting the finishers coming to this workshop and I promise each of you that I will give a hundred percent! This body may have traveled around the sun sixty-six times but I still have miles to go before I rest. Yaíll come to Louisville! I promise you that you will not regret it.

    With Greatest Respect,
    Rik Lazenby

    Rik Lazenby

    Rik Lazenby

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