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The Faux Finish School
is proud to host:

"An Affair of the Art"
Works of art inspired by our surroundings...

"A Faux Finish School EXCLUSIVE 3 Day Workshop!"

February 6th - February 8th 2013 Just Posted!
April 17th - April 19th, 2013 ADDED DUE TO DEMAND!
August 7th - August 9th 2013 Just Posted!
October 23rd - October 25th 2013 Just Posted!

Don't forget that Old World Finishing Paint 2 day Furniture & Cabinet Workshop (Monday & Tuesday)..
precedes this "An Affair of the Art" workshop to round out the week!
There is a discount if you take both workshops back to back to fill 5 days!


Martin Alan Hirsch and Karen Kratz-Miller and Liz Hermann
Three incredible talents in the faux finishing industry, have put together the most unique decorative painting workshop The Faux Finish School has ever hosted!
The excitement surrounding this workshop were comments like "fresh", "innovative" and "awesome"...

After months of planning, Martin, Karen and Liz
are excited to offer this unique workshop!

The groundwork is done....the curriculum is complete.....the workshop is scheduled!

"An Affair of the Art"

Works of art inspired by our surroundings...

Intrigued by art?
Looking to expand your market?
Excited to explore new techniques and products?

Join Martin Alan Hirsch, Karen Kratz-Miller and Liz Hermann
three incredible talents in the faux finishing industry for a fresh approach to creativity...

During this 3-day affair, you will be coached to express your individual artistic viewpoint using a variety of tools and Faux Effects products.
Each student will design and create 10 pieces on canvas, glass and wood.
Guidelines and instruction will be provided along with a recipe book which will serve as a foundation on which to build your own unique body of work.
Class time is structured to foster independent study along with discussion of composition and design concepts. Karen, Liz and Martin will share their own design as esthetics... as they each create new work alongside students...

Materials provided: Frames, canvases, Faux Effects products, basic tools and a variety of embellishments including glitter, gems, buttons, scrapbook papers, etc.

Student material list: To get the most out of this workshop, students will be asked to bring inspiration pictures and a choice of materials to be used in their artwork. Examples include: costume jewelry, old photos, keys, small picture frames, mirrors, yarn, found objects, etc.

Prior to arrival, each student will be contacted by one of the three instructors to discuss class details..

Faux finished canvas....For the artistic finisher who wants to broaden their abilities and tap into something inviting and profitable....
Three days of technique, application, theory and study...In this workshop, we will push to expand your passion for creation and design by working on one-of-a-kind contemporary art pieces and embellishments with unique finishes and applications...
10 pieces....in three days..

We will work with the industry leading products...Faux Effects®......combining these materials, you will learn to achieve the exact looks and properties needed to compliment any interior.
These canvases encompass the absolute beauty of the materials and they can be tweeked to exactly what many new construction, residential as well as commercial designers clients can't pass up for that room that didn't get a finish.

We will cover topics from inspiration and preparation,.. discussing the pros and cons of material choices.
A discussion of proper basecoats and primers will be covered. Your experimentation and participation will be encouraged along the way...to keep you motivated and excited about the direction that faux finished canvas art can take you...

Learn to work with designers and clients harmonizing wall and ceiling finishes, and custom art pieces.
This hands-on workshop will refresh and renew your passion and zest for the art and business of faux finishing...to the next evolution of this industry....
The addition of this class will diversify your portfolio and elevate your business to a new level offering more than "fixed substrate" work.

Once your clients realize your now unlimited artistic capabilities, you will become invaluable. You will walk away from this class with beautiful works of art!

Your instructors are Martin Alan Hirsch ,Karen Kratz-Miller and Liz Hermann...industry leaders in the field, having installed hundreds of finishes. Your hands on training will include not only completed works of art....but also benefiting from the "on the job" experience of these seasoned finishers......an invaluable part of quality training.

So get off the ladder...The ultimate canvas workshop is calling!

For 21 years, The Faux Finish School's ultimate goals have been to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary for success....
We are quite proud of their achievements....
We are consistently rewarded with feedback of thanks as well as beautiful pictures of our students' creations....
The Faux Finish School and its staff are thrilled to have played a part in their accomplishments.

Your instructors are not just teachers....they are working finishers....
This is vital to your education because you will not just learn sample boards,
you will learn real world scenarios and finishes that truly sell....,
from instructors whom have vast experience "on the wall"....

Come home to the programs that established the original comprehensive faux finishing curriculums....Workshops at The Faux Finish School.

We look forward to you joining us for this fantastic Faux Effects® workshop!

This program is designed for those wanting to tap into their creative side and are not afraid of thinking "outside the box"...

A creative spirit, desire to learn and some painting experience..is all that is required to attend this workshop!.

This will be an "Affair to Remember"....

"Affair of the Art"

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the studio: 800.598.FAUX
Or e-mail us directly: More workshop information

Decorative Finishes Studio reserves the right to cancel a class within 30 days of the commencement date.
Decorative Finishes Studio reserves the right to alter the class curriculum at anytime and reserves the right to refuse
any potential student at anytime due to inexperience as a finisher in this high-end professional workshop.


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