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Chef's Table & Old Louisville Winery!!


faux painting walls with stencilling

Restaurant Faux Painting

"Chef's Table has completely renovated the facilities, moving the entrance door west onto Oak Street and thoroughly updating the interior, with lovely wall art created by Martin Alan Hirsch, the Louisville artist who also designed the interior at Mezzaluna Tuscan Grill. You don't need to hang pictures on the walls when the walls are the art: Warm, textured old-gold in color, they resemble ancient stucco with grapevines painted on in a discreet, almost impressionistic fresco style. It's very European in feeling, with none of the silliness of faux-Italian pizzeria decor."
from louisvillehotbytes.com


Faux finishing and plastering painting on walls - stencilling
A view of the proprietors of the restaurant preparing to greet patrons for the evening!

"The Chef's Table, at First and Oak in Old Louisville appeals to my current tastes. The dark-wine carpet, the large wood-paneled columns, the walls painted with artful faux peeling posters and grapevines, makes this one of the more attractive dining rooms in town"
Jame Nold Jr. - Louisville Magazine

."The art work on the walls of our restaurant make this the most appealing restauarant in Louisville. The work gives the restaurant the feeling of a Tuscan Villa. Martin is a true artist and his artisans are a tribute to his talent."
Bob and Michele Brinke, Owners, The Chef's Table Restaurant


Faux painting techniques on walls - faux painting-stencilling
Patrons enjoying the atmosphere and food at The Chef's Table. Notice the hand-painted grapes & vines under the faux painting - texture fresco in the background.


Faux finishing - kitchen walls - faux painting
Here we see the chefs preparing food in the "open" kitchen visible to the dining patrons. The faux finish is carried into the kitchen on the walls.


 Faux painting techiniques on walls -
These series of pictures are embedded prints over faux painted brick and overlayed with Handrubbed Tuscan plaster at the entrance to the winery section of the restaurant. The prints have been distressed and aged by faux painting techniques.


Faux plaster painting on walls


faux painting on wall and railings


faux painting on wall and railings


faux painting on wall and railings


faux painting on wall and railings


faux painting on wall and railings


faux painting on wall and railings

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